Hey everyone!!

I can’t believe we’re finally here, registration and tanning day!!! That means I’m hitting the stage with my lovely ladies TOMORROW!!! I’m soooo excited and so ready!! I’ve practiced the posing lots and lots this time as there have finally emerged some very firm guidelines to the bikini division in NPC – hoping this will give me that extra EDGE (as in my Team Edge, yes pun intended 😉 …..

Things on my to-do-list today:

*Organize my makeup and pack for tomorrow

*Go buy a robe for tanning, slippers and leg warmers for Sunday’s shoot

* Set up the makeup/hair station at my house for my hair dresser tomorrow morning

  (yes I actually have a professional set at home since I used to own a makeup school)

*Scrubbing and prepping my skin for tanning later

*Packing my food for the day

*Practicing posing again and again

*Taking the last shower and getting my hair washed and prepped for the styling tmrw

*Wash my extensions


At 6 pm I’ll meet my teammates at Double Tree hotel for the athletes meeting and registration. I have to get a new NPC card on spot since mine expires today, last time I competed was exactly one year ago. Gotta remember to only bring cash as that’s all they accept. At 9:15 pm I’ll go to my tanning appointment at the same location, can not wait to get BROOOOOW like a ginger snap!! 😀 It will really enhance my physique, the suit and my blondie Pamela HAIR I’ll be getting tomorrow!! Just thinking about it makes me all tingly inside, the hairdresser I am using is AMAZING and I can really recommend her to anyone.

Marielle Hermansson in Laguna Beach, she’ll be driving all the way from OC to meet me here at 7 am in the morning. My hair dresser and corner babe!! She’s also my training client to be, can’t wait to wip that beautiful Swedish new momma into tip-top shape at my fitness club Barry’s Bootcamp in Irvine (which I am lucky to be the proud owner of).

Anyway, gotta get this day started before time runs out!! It’s 9:21 already and all I’ve managed to do is eat breakfast and have some coffee…..

xoxoxoox love y’all!Image





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