Welcome to my blog!!



I figured since I Facebook so freaking much, I better start blogging again!

It’s a good way to remember to write daily as well, which is something I really should be doing since I’m currently studying for an English Bachelors degree at UoL, one of the main courses being Creative Writing.

I haven’t gotten much done in that department the past 2 weeks however, since I’ve been completely immersed in my competition prep – I’m hitting the stage at NPC Excalibur this upcoming Saturday with my ladies in Team Edge!!! So stoked I can’t even explain it. 

Got my nails done, my suit ready, hooker shoes and now I’m just waiting for that final peak to arrive once I cut the water tomorrow at 6 pm. That’s also when we’ll meet at the Athletes meeting and register for the competition, get to make the first impression with the judges, and get tanned with Jan Tana. Luckily I got a great appointment, 9 pm, which means I don’t have to stick around all day or go back and forth to Culver City.

I’ll be updating here with pictures and whatever comes to mind on a typical day here in LaLa land, Hollywood, where I happen to live with my darling hubby and my super cute son! 


Lots of kisses!!! ❤

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