Post competition update and shoot with Chaz photo!!

Hey honeys!!

What a CRAZY day it was yesterday, biggest show in NPC national history – 524 competitors!!! Sooooo many girls in the bikini division and especially in my class and the one before, which resulted in them cutting our carefully practiced routines to only one front pose!!! Nervousness deluxe!! As a novice I had put sooo much faith in the routine, now I didn’t have much chance to make a statement except for my look and overall stage presence – well, nerves got me quite a bit with this last minute shocker (even during the prejudging the place was sold out!!), but the biggest downfall was that a got hidden by an aggressive competitor in the line-up so the judges couldn’t see me or even my number. This means they literally just cross you out from any chance to place top 5….anyway, next time I’ll be a shark too!! 🙂 Learned soooo much and did great in the finals (which doesn’t affect the results, but at least the judges remember you for next time) which felt awesome. Now it’s all about getting stage habit and gain confidence, with so much competition it doesn’t matter if you look stunning and have an amazing body…soooo many gorgeous ladies there that did not place! It is ALL about the presentation.

Today we had a great shoot with Team Edge and Chaz photography, it was INCREDIBLE!!! I’ve never taken such awesome pix in my life!! The styling came out even better than I could dream of (my own of course, it being my profession:) and Chaz freaking killed it with the camera and the lighting! What a brilliant guy!!! Coolest of all is he’s actually a COP and guess what? I got to pose with his GUN…yep…a real gun!! Went all out on the barbwire look today, pix coming up as soon as I get the final versions!! So many good ones I honestly have a really hard time picking only a few….this has NEVER happened before, so I’m thrilled.

Goals now? Getting in even BETTER, LEANER, HOTTER shape and up on that stage and in front of that camera again ASAP. 😉

Stuffed my face with shit today so I’m totally nauseous lol, but it’s a good thing since all I want now is my fish and turkey bacon….but maybe with a lil more salt than these past 4 weeks :p That’s what I’ve missed the most!




Lots of love to all of y’all and stay fit!!! xoxoxoox

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